About Us

Our products and quality are dedicated to The Californio Vaquero.  We only sell 100% authentic Vaquero products.  Our products are the highest quality available, hand made, with hand cut, beveled strips of rawhide braided into traditional styles.  There are many more “economically” made versions of these products available, built in India and other Asian countries.  Our vision is to provide true quality with reasonable pricing.  We focus on high plait numbers and fine workmanship.  Plait numbers indicate how fine the braid work is.  Higher plait numbers mean finer and more strips of rawhide are used in braiding.   Bevel cuts are made on the back side of each strip, on the edges.  This helps the braid work to lay down onto itself creating a smooth and beautiful product.  Lower plait work without bevel cuts can create pieces that are rough on hands and on horses. 

The California Vaquero History

He was the first American Cowboy.  In 1769 he rode into Alta California, which was then under the flag of Spain, as was Texas.  Texas was later part of Mexico and then hoisted it’s first Lone Star flag in 1836 as a separate Nation after Texans took it from Mexico by force. In 1845 Texas was admitted into the United States then in 1846, California was also.  The “Cowboy Way” from these two great states has spread across the US and today is spreading around the globe.

Today we are seeing a great resurgence of the beauty of the Vaquero style which has gained great respect across the USA and worldwide.   Many western disciplines have always used some form of the California Vaquero style and today many more are adopting those styles into their own. 

Many western riders competing in events where fine riding skills are judged are using more traditional equipment.  Today we see many organizations in which riders are encouraged to enjoy the beautiful traditional styles brought to us so long ago.  These are functional styles, steeped in tradition, tried and true for over 200 years so we know that they work.